Thursday, June 11, 2009

Post-consumer 2

Post-consumer are the initial constructions addressing the weight of everyday decisions and the fragility of cultural norms. Handmade paper sheets cast on to garbage receptacles are reconstructed as frail, white, hollow forms inviting contemplation of our relationship to these objects - their reliable acceptance of our burdens/detritus and the potential disintegration of our complacency with disposablity.

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Location: Persimmon Printing - Dayton, Ohio
Recycled pulp donated by Ohio Pulp Mills

Recycled paper pulp, methyl-cellulose, cotton string
h 50” x w 75” x d 40”
May 2009

Post-consumer 1

I mold hollow garbage receptacles from handmade paper to critique complacency toward disposability. Transforming strong, reliable collectors of detritus and material
burdens into fragile, vulnerable forms challenges the viewer to consider the impact of their frequent wastefulness.

Paper pulp, methyl-cellulose
h 38” x w 24” x d 24”
March 2008

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sewed In

Sewed In addresses issues of disconnection with in industrialized society. The sewing machine, a tool used to connect materials, symbolizes all technology and mass production which has disconnected consumers from the materials and processes of making. An infl ated bubble, reminiscent of the recent economic situation, envelops the machine operator isolating her from everything else except her machine and labor. The cloth begins to assume the performative role and the operator less critical. The work, the stitching of cloth, suffocates the maker.

Polyester fabric, sewing machine, table, chair, fan, can lights
performance: April 30, 2009
20 minutes real time

Friday, March 27, 2009


Sock darning, an abandoned practice of repair, meditatively performed in front of relentlessly streaming media.

Socks with holes, yarn, video
2 hour performance: March 27, 2009

video 1: agriculture industry film, Monsanto industry film, Growing Power documentary
video 2: American Experience “Crash of 1929”, Frontline “Meltdown, Barak Obama Inaugural Address
video 3: Godfrey Reggio “Koyaanisqatsi”
video 4: Godfrey Reggio “Powaqqatsi”

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shibori Tea Party

Guests were invited to steep tea from hand tied organza bags. After drinking, bags were dried, stitching and contents removed, and bag cloth was redistributed to it's drinker. Tea had dyed the cloth and resisted where stitches had been to create pattern on cloth.

Organza, loose tea, honey
event: March 4, 2009